Connector manufacturers explain connector electroplating technology

When we talk about the plating of connectors, first of all, it is a must topic for the plating equipment of connectors. At present, advanced equipment suitable for plating of connectors includes vibration plating equipment, selective plating equipment with strips and chemical plating equipment. Mainly with strip selective plating equipment. LWX engineers pointed out that most of the contacts have been punched into strips for electroplating. With the development of connector types, more and more products will be produced using this contact body production method.

At present, the development of connectors is developing in the direction of miniaturization, high density, high speed transmission, and high frequency. Therefore, its electroplating technology has become a key point. Now the advanced automatic plating production line will replace conventional manual and semi-automatic barrel plating and rack plating ways to produce. In the following, LWX Electronics engineers will focus on introducing: continuous plating production line continuous plating technology and continuous plating production line combination technology set high-speed plating technology, the specific content is as follows:

  1. Continuous plating technology for continuous plating production line

Continuous electroplating production line Continuous plating technology is a continuous electroplating combined production line of continuous strip-shaped material after punching forming or copper strip electroplating. It is called roll-to-roll electroplating abroad. Continuous electroplating is not only advanced and reliable in production technology, but also relatively easy to achieve in reducing pollution emissions. It is a less polluting process. Continuous plating technology is suitable for terminals, connectors, copper tape, copper wire, LED, semiconductor and other parts.

  1. The combined technology of continuous electroplating production line integrates high-speed electroplating technology

The combined technology of continuous electroplating production line integrates high-speed electroplating technology, which is a combination of liquid level selective plating, fixed head brush plating and mask selective electroplating.

And it can realize the automatic control of some components of the plating solution (such as additives, main salt level, etc.) and certain process parameters (temperature, pH value, etc.). The installation of ray thickness gauges can realize  continuous measurement and control of the coating thickness and alloy composition online. It is a collection of a series of more advanced electroplating technologies, with higher production efficiency, better product quality, and better consistency in performance. It can save 90-95% of precious metals compared to conventional ones. It is the most representative combination electroplating process for the production of electronic connectors and technology.

After reading the above, you should have a basic understanding of “Plating Technology for Connectors”. For more articles about connector plating, the LWX operation team will continue to organize and publish it on the information channel. Interested users please remember to follow us to get our latest updates. LWX Electronics is a well-known manufacturer of electronic connectors in Dongguan. We have 14 years of experience in the production of connector technology. We have passed the standard of product quality, and have a good reputation at home and abroad. Products, please dial our hotline directly: +86-15387730310, professional engineers will serve you free of charge.

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