Let’s expose the secret of RJ45 connector – basic knowledge of crystal head

In this article, our theme is the common crystal head in life. The crystal head is the common name of rj45 connector. So how much do you know about the basic knowledge of rj45 connector crystal head, the following is LWX engineer’s expose of the secret of connectors, I hope you can have a better understanding of rj45 connectors through our introduction.

LWX engineers point out that the RJ-45 plug is a plastic connector that can only be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevents it from falling off. The term is RJ45 connector. Why is it called “Crystal Head”? A large part of the reason is because of its crystal clear appearance, people have just adopted such a name. This type of RJ-45 plug must be installed at both ends of the twisted-pair cable so that it can be plugged into the RJ-45 interface of a network interface card (NIC), hub or switch for network communication.

The RJ-45RJ11 interface is very similar to the RJ45 interface, but only has 4 pins (RJ45 has 8 pins). In computer systems, RJ11 is mainly used to connect modem debug demodulator. In everyday applications, RJ-11 is commonly used on telephone cables. There is also a type of RJ12 that is also generally suitable for voice communication. The structure is the same as the previous two, but it has six pins (6p6c). At the same time, there are two types of six-slot four-pin (6p4c) and six-slot two-pin (6p2c).

Regarding the crystal head twisted wire, its color standard and arrangement method are strictly regulated by a unified international standard, so just remember the standard when doing it. Now the commonly used standard is TIA / EIA568B.

568A standard: white green, green, white orange, blue, white blue, orange, white brown, brown.

568B standard: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown.

There are two types of Ethernet twisted pair cables: one is a widely used direct connection cable, and the other is a crossover cable used in special cases. If it is a pc connected to a switch or other network interface, etc., or the status of both sides of other connections In the case of non-equivalence, a straight cable is used, and if the two devices connected are equal, for example, two PCs, notebooks, etc., a crossover cable must be used. The difference between the two is the inconsistent cable order. The interface is the same.

The practice of crossing cables is: one end uses the 568A standard and the other end uses the 568B standard.

The practice of parallel lines is: use the same standard at both ends (the same as 568A standard or 568B standard).

When connected to a Gigabit network, it is slightly different. One end is: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown; the other end is: white green, green, white orange, white brown, brown, orange, blue, white blue.

Here comes the ending of introduction of the basic knowledge about the crystal head of the rj45 connector. After reading your basic knowledge of the crystal head of the rj45, you must have a general understanding. For more technical content related to the rj45 connector, the LWX engineer operation team will continue to organize and publish it on the rj45 technical topic. If you need to purchase rj45 connector related products, you can contact us: +86-15387730310

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