Difference between the ffc connector and the fpc connector

1. The definition is different. The FPC connector is connector for flexible printed circuit board, and the FFC conector is connector for flexible flat cable, one is a circuit board connector and the other is a flat cable connector.

2. The lines are formed in different ways. Fpc is a flexible circuit board which is processed by FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad) by chemical etching to obtain different single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer structure; FFC is a flat copper foil sandwiched between two upper and lower insulation foil films, the finished product is simpler and thicker.

3. The price is different. Due to the character and design of the product, the price of the FFC connector is much lower than that of the FPC connector. Because of the lower production costs, more companies prefer FFC related designs.

Similar points between the FFC connector and the FPC connector

1. The application areas are the same. Both FFC connectors and FPC connectors are widely used in electronic devices such as liquid crystal displays, scanners, plotters,copiers, stereos, and fax machines etc.

2. The same characteristics. Both the FFC connector and the FPC connector are characterized by excellent flexibility, flexible application, foldability, miniaturization, compact, high-density integration, space saving, and simple connection.

Through the above introduction, we summed up as: the FFC connector is a simpler and thicker cable connector than the FPC connector, but the FFC connector has the same application area and characteristic as the fpc connector.