Four points to help you judge quality connector suppliers

How to correctly judge good connector supplier? To ensure the quality and delivery time of connector products, how to choose connector manufacturer is big lesson. You can try following four rules to help make your choice more accurate.

1.To check if the supplier has a legally valid business license issued by official organization, is it due and other certifications available, such as ISO certification.

2. Before getting to know the company, you can collect information about the company by observing whether the customer service is professional by communicating with customer service. Ask the product you want, and see if change a supplier can meet your requirements.

3. Must go to factory for an on-site visit yourself after you have collected informations,it also can help you know more about the company, such as factory scale, production capacity, whether the supplier has integrated industrial chain and professional R&D engineers etc. Such as LXW connectors have various type of connectors and enough professional workers.

4. And then negotiate with supplier about the lead time and other issues, if all status meet your expectations you can consider this company as one of your choices.

More often, if you want to choose a quality connector supplier, you need to constantly check the actual qualifications. LXW is a 10 years experience connector manufacturer who can provides you quality connector product with guaranteed lead time.