OEM Service – LXW Connector

LXW’s OEM service specializes in transforming client concepts, drawings, and samples into more affordable product alternatives. We provide comprehensive assistance in customizing solutions, handling mass production, and managing all related aspects such as design, component procurement, sampling, testing and more.

OEM Service Processes

Before getting a quote for OEM service, you need to submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) that mainly contains two parts. One is the basic business information, containing company name, address, website, email, phone number etc., and the other is the detailed connector information which can help us to evaluate the connector more comprehensively and effectively, and if you have a sample of the connector or connector drawing, you can also send it to us for reference. A NDA ( Non-disclosure agreement ) file could be signed before this process.

Review the Connector

Upon receiving the RFQ, we move forward with a thorough review of the connector. Our dedicated team assesses various aspects such as manufacturability, reliability, and others while preliminarily estimating the project budget. If we determine the connector is viable for production, a formal project order will be initiated.

Confirmation of Requirements and Contract Execution

We will contact you to confirm specific details about the connector and your price point. At the same time, we will provide an estimated cost quotation, varying according to different component supplies. Once you find our offer reasonable and wish to proceed, we will formalize our partnership through a detailed agreement, specifying sampling costs and the initial order amount.

Deposit Payment

Following the contract signing, a deposit is required to demonstrate mutual commitment. LXW will refund the sampling cost to later bulk order. As long as LXW’s samples can’t meet customer’s technical requirements after 2-3 rounds of sample proofing ( in case ), LXW will refund the deposit to Customer. As soon as LXW receives the order deposit, we’ll promptly begin sampling of the connector customer required.

Sample Production and Mass Manufacturing

After these preliminary stages, we move on to producing samples, which includes mold review, design, component confirmation, and other procedures. Throughout this stage, we maintain constant communication to ensure you are updated at each step. Once you approve the completed samples, confirming they meet all performance standards and are error-free, we proceed with mass production.

Final Payment and Delivery

Upon receiving your approval of the mass production samples, and assuming no significant issues arise, the final payment is processed. Then, we will help to arrange delivery. LXW partners with top courier services like DHL, UPS, and FedEx, guaranteeing fast air shipments of your connectors. You can typically expect your first shipment to arrive approximately one week after delivery.

Continued Support

Our commitment extends beyond the mere delivery of your products. We offer comprehensive technical support for the use of our connectors in various industrial equipment and electronic devices. Additionally, we provide parts-sourcing services tailored to your manufacturing needs in equipment and electronics.

These are the key processes of LXW’s OEM service. For more information or any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to your inquiries as soon as possible.

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