Board to board connector, wire to board connector, wire to wire conector, what are their differences ?

As it is relatives difficult to distinguish thriplets in one family in daily life, same situation also in connnector industry , such as it is very easy confused with BTB, WTB and WTW connector, you will headache just only listen names. So how to exactly distinguish the board to board connector, wire to board connector and wire to wire connector ? No headche, LXW connector engineer will popularize differences of board to board connector, wire to board connector and wire to wire connector connector for you.

Board to board connector (BTB connector)

Board to board connector is the strongest transmission capability among all connector product types, currently main pitch are 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.635mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.27mm, 2.0mm and 2.54mm, mainly used in power systems, communication networks, financial manufacturing, industrial automation, medical equipment, office equipment, smart home appliances, military manufacturing and other industries.

Wire to board connector (WTB connector)

Wire to board connector which connects the wires and the circuit board, the function of the connector is mainly to transmit power and signals, so it is ancestor of all connector. There are various types of wire to board connectors according to different applications and requirements, but most of them are distinguished by the distance between the pin and voltage transmitted in the information industry. The main application areas of wire to board connector products include commercial electronic equipment, household appliances and other general industrial and commercial fields using auxiliary circuits.

Wire to wire connector (WTW connector)

Wire to wire connector also being called wire to cable or cable to cable, which two single wire or two cable are permanently connected to each other. It is more commonly to see wire to wire connections and IDC connections contained in fixed connection. Wire to wire connector products are mainly used in automotive, communications, consumer electronics, data processing, industrial machinery and other fields.

After reading above, i think you should have basic understading the difference between board to board connector, wire to board connector and wire to wire connector, we will continue to arrange and pubish more technical article of wire to board connectors in our blog. Please directly call us :+86-15387730310 if you have any inquiry of board to board connector, wire to board connector or wire to wire connector, our professional engineer will serve for you free at any time. LXW connector integrating production, R&D and sales of connector products for more than 14 years in China, the reliable product quality and perfect after-sales system should worthing your trust in no doubt.