What factors affect the performance of the RJ45 connector?

What factors affect the performance of the RJ45 connector? Here are some of the factors that affect the rj45 connector,such as insulation, temperature, humidity, fouling, test voltage and duration of continuous application of the test voltage, the following are detailed points.

Rj45 connector insulation material

It is very important to choose which insulating material to use when designing the rj45 connector, it often affects whether the insulation resistance of the subsequent products can be stably qualified. For example, a factory originally used acetal fiberglass and reinforced nylon to make insulators, materials contain polar genes and have high hygroscopicity.The insulation performance at room temperature can meet the product requirements, while the insulation performance is unqualified under high temperature and humidity. Then adopting special engineering plastics PES (polyphenylene ether sulfone) material, the product was tested at 200 ° C for 1000 hours and 240 hours for humidity, the insulation resistance changed little, still above 105 MΩ, no obvious changes.

Rj45 connector temperature

The high temperature will damage the insulating material, causing the insulation resistance and the withstand voltage to be degraded. For the metal casing, the high temperature may lose the elasticity of the contact piece, accelerate the oxidation and cause the deterioration of the plating layer. According to GJB598 standard, the environment-resistant rapid separation electrical connector series 2 products, the insulation resistance should be no less than 5000MΩ at 25 °C, and reduced to not less than 500 MΩ at 200 °C.

Rj45 connector humidity

The humid environment causes the absorption and diffusion of water vapor on the surface of the insulator, and it is easy to lower the insulation resistance to the MΩ level. Long-term exposure to high temperatures can cause physical deformation, decomposition, and escape of the insulator, resulting in respiratory effects, electrolytic corrosion, and cracks.

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