Three differences between RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector

What we have learned is that although the RJ45 connector and the RJ11 connector ( hereinafter referred to as RJ45, RJ11) may have similar appearance characteristics, there are still many differences in performance and some parameters between them. LXW connector have summarized the differences between the three points for your reference:

First, the connector application

The big difference between the two connectors RJ11 and RJ45 is the location where they are actually used. For example, the RJ45 connector is used for networking, you can connect computers or other network components to each other, and the RJ11 is a cable connector for telephones, ADSL and modem cables.

Second, the structure of the connector

RJ11 and RJ45 have different structures in addition to the application, which can be easily and intuitively viewed and recognized. If you look closely at the two connectors, you will find that there are only four wires inside the RJ11 connector and eight wires inside the RJ45 connector. However, because of the characteristics of the RJ45, it has a larger wire capacity than the RJ11.

Third, the connector wiring scheme

RJ45 and RJ11 are also very different in the wiring scheme. A typical RJ11 connector has six terminals, usually using only the middle four pins. For example POTS (plain old telephone line) usually contains two pairs of wires, which are designed for two separate telephone lines, center pins (red and green) including the first telephone line, and the telephone system is connected also differently.

Three differences between the RJ45 connector and the RJ11 connector have been summarized in detail abouver for your reference. LXW focus on various types of connectors for more than 10 years, with advanced technology, strong strength, integrating connector development, production, sales, service all in our company. Quality is guaranteed, saving time and worry free once you cooperated with us. Please continue to pay attention to the LXW official website: for other connector related news.