What are the advantages of the TYPE-C connector?

What are the advantages of the TYPE-C connector? Let’s listen to the explanation of female connector products from LXW connectors:

For type-c connectors, everyone should not be unfamiliar. The general type-c connector is divided into a male and a female, then do you know the advantages of the type-c female connector? What is the name of the cable? The engineer will focus on introducing you to the advantages of the Type-c  female socket. I hope that through our introduction you can have a deeper understanding of the type-c female socket.

The advantages of the type-c female connector are mainly manifested in five aspects, as follows:

  1. The transmission speed is fast, and the maximum data transmission speed can reach 10Gbit/s;
  2. Type-c female size is small;
  3. The usability is good, the type-c female socket supports both front and backside insertion, and can withstand 10,000 times of repeated insertion;
  4. Good compatibility, type-c female base is compatible with various USB devices;
  5. The type-c socket can pass the current of 3A, and can provide up to 100w of power, which can realize the function of fast charging. Most of the connectors on the market that support fast charging are mostly data lines of the type-c interface.

After reading the above, you should have some understanding of the advantages of the type-c female connector, for more technical articles of the type-c female connector, our engineers will continue to organize and publish on the information channel for you. Check it out. If you need to purchase products related to the type-c female connectors, please call our hotline: +86-15387730310, professional engineers will serve you.

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